Attentions of Raw Space Booth

Thank you for your kind participation in the upcoming the Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai. To make your preparation easier and more effective, please kindly read the following,

1. Please appoint your Stand Contractor to design the booth for you. You may use the official Stand Contractor (please refer to “Contact Us”), or you can appoint some other company by your own.

2. Raw Space does not include any electricity, sockets, water or any tables or chairs. You may refer to “Stand Construction Information” after you log in “Exhibitior Login”. Please order facilities and furniture before deadline. If you make orders on site, you will have to be charged at least 50% more.

3. To avoid sneak theft on site the exhibition, please do design a locker in your booth and avoid any open-shelves design in your booth. Please put all the samples, valuables in locked show-cases. If you bring your laptop with you onsite the exhibition, please do use laptop locks.

4. Please consider having a coffee area and a little store-house in your stand.

5. Please tell your Contractor both the location and size of the entrance in the venue before the exhibition in case that your exhibits can not be taken inside the venue to waste your precious time and money.

6. If you have any electric devices requiring 24H power supply and requirement for postponed interruption of supply for power, water, compressed air and telephone please do apply with Intex Shanghai before April 10, to avoid any loss or damage caused by delayed or absence of prior application.

7. No flammable materials can be used in the construction of your booths. Exposed installed iodine-tungsten lamps or halogen tungsten lamp, neon lamps are not allowed in exhibition center.

8. If you would like to use sand, soil, horticultural peat, moss and similar materials in your booths, please be assure to take all reasonable measures to prevent the above mentioned materials from staining any position of exhibition center and water leakage.

9. Balloons brought into exhibition center are subject to prior written approval of Intex Shanghai. Expenses for removing balloons suspending at ceiling in exhibition center shall be assumed by you. And hydrogen balloons are forbidden to be used.

10. Please be assured that no spray paint shall be carried out in the venue otherwise may be fined.

11. Fluid waste must be stored in your enclosed containers. Discharging fluid waste, food or garbage into indoor or outdoor drains and sinks or basins in restrooms is strictly forbidden.

12. Working staffs entering exhibition center must wear safety helmet, and safety belt is required for work at a height over 2m. Trestle ladder with a length of over 3m is forbidden and vertical ladder should be used instead.

13. Only water in designated tanks of exhibition center can be used for exhibition. Water in bathrooms of exhibition center is forbidden to be used for exhibition purposes.

14. There are strict fire protection regulations in the venue. Please make sure that you will not use black adhesive plaster to connect electrical wires.

15. Exhibitors shall inform all their stand-fitters to submit their workers’ name lists as well as ID copies to the venue registration office to apply for Temporary Staff Badges. Workers without permits will not be permitted to work in the Venue. Please do ask your construction and forwarding company to click here to apply with the venue before the exhibition,